15 Cool Pictures of Flying Cats

Although cats can’t actually fly like birds do, their ability to leap incredible distances can make them seem like flying animals. Especially if you get a shot of a cat jumping mid-air, there seems to be little difference between them and floating creatures from outer space.

Flying Cat tutorial

Flying Cat + Tutorial by Evan

Boris in space jumping cat

Boris in space by Andrew

Jump cat

Jump! by Christian Holmér

cat flying

Roaarrr! by 1banaan

Cat Jump

Cat Jump! by bwats2

Cat jump

Catjump by Les Chatfield

cat jump

jump! by kaurjmeb

cheeto cat jumping

cheeto-bird by myleen hollero

joie de vivre cat jumping dancing

joie de vivre by Andrew

Boris flies cat jump

Boris flies by Andrew

Kung fu cats jumping

Kung fu cats by 1banaan

Jumping cat

Jumping cat by worak

flying cat

Flying cat by Michael Lemmon

cat jumping

Butterfly Hunting Bean Returns to Earth by Nico Nelson

Super cat flying

Super Cat by Evan

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James Dekker

Cats, incredible animals.

Brent Michael

Not to detract from the great photography, but Evan Sharboneau is well know for his trick photography – betting the two flying cats are a result of it, and not reality.


It is a photo merge. The cat is indeed flying, he’s just inserted himself into the photo.

The Soul Explorer

Waah! Love that cats. So cute!

Janet Warren

I enjoyed all of these photos!


Why are cats so cute…? *melts*

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