16 Lucky Pictures of Shamrocks

If you’re unable to find a four-leaf clover this St. Paddy’s Day, no worries. Pictures of three-leaf shamrocks look just as beautiful.

shamrock clover

bright clover by andi.vs.zf

shamrock clover

Happy St. Patrick's Day! by *~Dawn~*

clover shamrock

Make a Wish by D. Sharon Pruitt

four leaf clover shamrock

Four leaf clover desktop by Bill S

four leaf clover shamrock

Beautiful day #1 by hiroko***

clover shamrock dew drop

Pure hearts by Giang Hồ Thị Hoàng

shamrock clovers

Still Searching.... by K.Hurley

shamrock clovers

Intruso entre tréboles by kdperico

shamrock Irish teacup

Belleek Irish teacup by Ann

water droplets on a clover shamrock

droplets on a clover by Masaaki Komori

clovers shamrocks

Funny little world by motiqua

clover and little white flowers

clover and little white flowers by Mario

sidewalk clovers shamrocks

Clover sidewalk by Bill S

clovers falling shamrocks

Sweet Clover by Jeffrey Kontur

shamrock clover in the sun

Shamrock by Dull Blue Light Photography

shamrock hearts love and luck

Love and Luck by Kelly Newbury

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I need more practice on taking photography!

Matt Cicanese

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