16 Pictures Featuring Power Lines

Usually, photographers avoid dreaded power lines in landscape photos. But, here are 16 pictures that embrace power lines as an important part of the scenery.

field lift

field lift by David DeHetre


Untitled by miggslives

And I can't stand the way you look at me in that dress" [The Airborne Toxic Event]

And I can’t stand the way you look at me in that dress” [The Airborne Toxic Event] by hyekab25

speckled plain

speckled plain by Matt Anderson


Danny by OTP Photography

Fairmount Street Winter Scenes

Fairmount Street Winter Scenes by Steven Depolo

the way in

the way in by craig Cloutier


Blur by Alfonso Surroca

clouds above a road

clouds above a road by David DeHetre

Cincinnati - Mason Community

Cincinnati – Mason Community by David Ohmer


Untitled by Mel Stoutsenberger

Monday's end

Monday’s end by Roanish

sunset with powerlines

sunset with powerlines by blockedroad

End of the line

End of the line by Bruce Guenter

Fields of Gold

Fields of Gold by Bryce David

electrical storm

electrical storm by David DeHetre

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devender singh

Emily Hildebrand, nice article and thanks a lot for posting such photographs as I always wonder that what is the significance of these power lines and more over there other things also like overhead tanks, chimneys as they create unusual effect on the landscape. To me it is more like a obelisk as these are somehow become the center of attraction and creates a focus in the surrounding. These have symbolism to their context.
now i will also shoot such photographs….
This article has given me a direction….
hurrah!!! 😀

Gabriel Voina

lines sun

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