18 Cute Pictures of Cats and Dogs with Their Stuffed Toys

Dogs and cats are known to mangle stuffed toys until the toys are unrecognizable: bald, torn up and literally ‘loved’ to pieces. But sometimes, cats and dogs do take a break from their rough play to cuddle with their stuffed toys. Take a picture while it lasts.

Cat teddy bear

Bear Hug by Micki Findlay

Pitiful Puppy

Pitiful Puppy by Bonnie Mieth

dog with stuffed toy

get it yourself by Susan Sabo

cat with teddy bear

Sleeping Daisy by JWPhotography

cat christmas teddy bear

Merry sleepy christmas! by Tommy Hemmert Olesen

dog sleeping with stuffed animal

Snuggle by Rachel Wilder

Great Dane with stuffy

Great Dane with stuffy by E’Lisa Campbell

Tomcat meets Beaver stuffed animal

Tomcat meets Beaver by Pete Markham

dog with lookalike stuffed animal

Java introduces his younger brother. by Sakura0213

Kitten vs Penguin Wrestling

Kitten vs Penguin Wrestling by pinguino k

dog toy bear

My toy ! by The World According To Marty

dog with stuffed animal

Gilby J & PK by Noah Leaman

cat stufffed animal

What kind of animal are you?? by Enrico

puppy stuffed toy

6/52: I love hugs by Brinks Alo

Cat Toys are better

Cat Toys are better by Amanda Wray

Cat Sleeping With Stuffed Animal

Cat Sleeping With Stuffed Animal by Felinest

cat I hate life.

I hate life. by Brendon

dog with teddy bear

Asha and Teddy by Petra

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Micki Findlay - The Singing Photographer

Thank you so much for posting my kitty and teddy photo Stephanie! I love all the pics here and I am honoured to be included amongst them.
I posted this blog post on my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/thesingingphotographer

Micki Findlay

Joan Wilcox- Glanville

OMG! I was sooo weakened with cuteness! What adorable shots, all of them! Thanks so much for including my Sleeping Daisy photo on Etsy! 🙂

Janet Warren

I love these pictures! They are so cute. They make me sad also because our little kitty just passed. We had her 17 wonderful years.

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