25 Magical Pictures of Fog

There’s something about a landscape filled with fog that makes you just stop and stare. In photography, pictures with fog also stand out because the fog adds a serene and magical touch.

Fog 1

Fog by 55Laney69

Fog 2

befog by Martin Fisch

Fog 3

Misty winter afternoon by Bert Kaufmann

Fog 4

Foggy Dreamscape by Mike Behnken

Fog 5

Saint Anna Lake VII by János Csongor Kerekes

Fog 6

Saint Anna Lake VI by János Csongor Kerekes

Fog 7

Saint Anna Lake (V) byJános Csongor Kerekes

Fog 8

Lost in the fog by Broo_am (Andy B)

Fog 9

New Year`s Morning by ❀ღ Poetic Outlook – Time out (back soon)

Fog 10

Fog 2 by Jonathan Kos-Read

Fog 11

Mijocama by Phillip Grondin

Fog 12

Saint Anna Lake III by János Csongor Kerekes

Fog 13

The little house on the prairie by Tambako The Jaguar

Fog 14

Alone in the fog by jucanils

Fog 15

Dawn Mist on the Chiltern Line by Andy

Fog 16

In assenza – Conspicuously absent by gualtiero

Fog 17

straw fogs by geir tønnessen

Fog 18

Golden Ocean of Fog by Mike Behnken

Fog 19

Lago Sorapiss – 13 October 2012 – After the rain (18:00) by rachel_thecat

Fog 20

the shepherd & his sheep by *Light Painting*

Fog 21

Oh Tomorrow I’m Alone … by Hamed Saber

Fog 22

winter rhapsody by Cornelia Kopp

Fog 23

Misty autumn dawn by James Jordan

Fog 24

foggy by *Light Painting*

Fog 25

At Lands End by Sharon Mollerus

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