26 Beautiful Horse Pictures

Horses and humans have an ancient relationship and these majestic mammals were essential to many human societies until the advent of the engine. Humans began to domesticate horses around 4000 BC, and their domestication is believed to have been widespread by 3000 BC.

Horses have been integrated into many cultures around the world. Including being used in warfare, work, entertainment, sports and even therapeutic use. These are all possible due to their temperament and their ability to excel at simple learning.

You can also check out beautiful pictures of baby horses.

Angel @Somogyvari

Horse grazing on pasture @bernardbodo

Morning of The Ulan integration grassland @sdlgzps

Horse head resting on back of another horse @flashpoint

Herd of horses on a summer green pasture @Lenorlux

Wild Horse @JessicaRensch

Herd of Wild Horses Running in Dust @tunart

Horses in the mist @HT-Pix

Icelandic Horse in a Beautiful Field @JasonDoiy

Horse at Spanish national park @vfernandez82

Two horses standing together in misty field. @Ysbrand Cosijn

Horses looking at camera @Somogyvari

Children of the wind @Somogyvari

Horse Back and Mane @Thomas Shanahan

Six Wild Horses running across desert-kicking up dust @GaryAlvis

Andalusian horse in winter @LOSHADENOK

Horses @GaryAlvis

Trotting along… @deimagine

Herd of horses @okeyphotos

Wild horses at Shackleford Banks in North Carolina @NikonShutterman

White Horse @mari_art

Wild horses @deimagine

Large group of wild horses running on the snow @ozgurdonmaz

Mare with a foal @Lenorlux

Horse on Black Background @nullplus

Horse Rearing at Twilight Background @KeithBishop

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Peter haken

Some great photos here, love the one in the snow! keep your blog going…

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