27 Not-So-Tough Pictures of Bulldogs

Bulldogs have a reputation for being gruff and mean, but in reality, they just look goofy half the time. As evidence, here are 27 not-so-tough pictures of bulldogs.

Angus - French Bulldog

Angus by siblingrivalrie

Black and White French Bulldog

Black and White French Bulldog by audrey johnston

French Bulldog

French Bulldog by Rob Daly

English bulldog skateboarding

Weeeeee by Jodi Waskosky

Three French Bulldogs

Three French Bulldogs by Dale Berman

Bulldog Gigi Flying Kick

Bulldog Gigi Flying Kick by michael duva

Union Jack and British Bulldog

Union Jack and British Bulldog by Ronya

happy french bulldog

awwww, yeah by Susan Sabo

french bulldog

le sigh by Susan Sabo

bulldog puppy

Kiss Kiss by Jodi Waskosky

Happy Bulldog

Happy Bulldog by Erin Garrison Design

American Bulldog, Tucson Arizona, Dog In Truck

Goin’ for a Ride by Kimberly Kling

bulldog black and white

down here by Susan Sabo

English Bulldog with a Pink Daisy

English Bulldog with a Pink Daisy by Piper Stone

English Bulldog Puppies

English Bulldog Puppies by Jodi Waskosky

tired bulldog

Tired by Julius Chiu

english bulldog birthday

SMILE its your Birthday by Jodi Waskosky


Peeking Dog by Erin Garrison Design

english bulldog ice cream

Empty Inside by Cyndelle Bever


english bulldog

Friday: 12.5.2008 by Jesse757

french bulldog

Pumpa’s got something on you by Dmitry Kalinin

bulldog portrait

Bulldog by Nokdie


What do you not understand about “No bath”? by Hans Gotun

Beauty of the Beast bulldog

Beauty of the Beast by Jeff Hill

french bulldog

Boogaloo — Alameda, CA by Kevin Zamani

english bulldog sleeping

Lotte by Alexander Lemke


Peaches by Vivian Chen [陳培雯]

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Kimberly Kling

These are great! Bull dogs sure are cute, in a non-cute ugly kinda way. Thanks for including my photograph!


A wonderful blog–thanks so much for adding my bulldogs!


it is so nice..
i need more and more photos of animals


Wow, they don’t look so much like bulldogs anymore… more of cute dogs..

Jessica Stone

What beautiful and creative photos! There’s never a dull moment with a bulldog! They are quite entertaining! I’m lucky to have my little diva and love nugget Piper The Painting Bulldog! Thanks for including her photo in your lovely collection!

Angela Vogel

More American Bulldogs! Especially since they are more likely to be maligned as mean doggies because of their size and slight (very, very slight) resemblance to pit bulls (which are also sweet doggies) 🙁

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