30 Pictures of Wellington, New Zealand

Day 15 in our 30 Cities in 30 Days series is Wellington, New Zealand.

Aotea Quay and the Stadium

Aotea Quay and the Stadium by Phillip Capper

Wellington, NZ

Wellington, NZ by Richard Lehnert

Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand by GothPhil

Evans Bay, Wellington, New Zealand

Evans Bay, Wellington, New Zealand by Phillip Capper

View from Mt Vic

View from Mt Vic by Br3nda

Wellington Waterfront

Wellington Waterfront by rytc

Wellington City

Wellington City by Phanta89

The Never Sleeping City

The Never Sleeping City by Steve Sigley

Tory Street

Tory Street by Phillip Capper

wellington harbour

wellington harbour by Br3nda

My Stunning Wellington

My Stunning Wellington by Steve Sigley

Majestic Centre and night, Wellington

Majestic Centre and night, Wellington by side78

Day breaks

Day breaks by Willie Goosen

Evans Bay

Evans Bay by Geraint Morgan

Te Papa in its blue and orange glory

Te Papa in its blue and orange glory by Steve Sigley

View of Wellington Rail yards

View of Wellington Rail yards by Br3nda

New Zealand Parliament

New Zealand Parliament by Sean Hamlin

Wellington en bleu

Wellington en bleu by Etienne Boucher

End of Days

End of Days by Christopher Chan

Monastery on the hill

Monastery on the hill by Br3nda

Through the marina

Through the marina by Steve Sigley

Wellington at Night

Wellington at Night by Geraint Morgan

One windless night

One windless night by Steve Sigley

Home and office

Home and office by Phillip Capper

Volcano enhanced dawn

Volcano enhanced dawn by Phillip Capper

Wellington is starting to wake

Wellington is starting to wake by Willie Goosen

Comet McNaught

Comet McNaught by Chris Wall

Light Holes

Light Holes by James Barwell


LambtonHarbor by Beau Saunders

The Classic Wellington Shot(tm)

The Classic Wellington Shot(tm) by Brett Taylor

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Lovely pictures! I would love to see more. More power!


First time I was with the pictures, a pleasent time I spent eye lighting and amazing, very very beautiful and real show of nature and human hard work by capturing the scene from professionals of their field, may one convey my Salute to all of those, who have been involved in this.

Arvind malik

i love this place very much …..it is so good like heaven in the earth…

Arshid Ali

I Love these places and picture very much and i want to say some words about these place

Annette Pence

Living in Australia, but looking for photo’s of Wellington to frame.
Do u sell and ship overseas at all?
What kind of prices do you charge.

Many thanks

Former Wellingtonian

thanks Nate for the great pictures – nice to see a view of home.

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