Beautiful London – Street Photography by Ronya Galka

Originally from Germany, photographer Ronya Galka moved to London in the early 90s and has been capturing life on London’s streets ever since. The city inspires and fascinates her. Out of its chaos, she finds beauty and personality, moments of joy, solitude, love and despair. “My photographs are all about celebrating the extraordinary moments hidden in our everyday lives,” she writes. “There is beauty and wonder around us at all times and all we need to do is capture it.”

To see more of Ronya’s photography, visit her website, flickr photostream, or etsy shop.

Walking in London rain

Walking in London rain

london red phone booth

London Calling

london eye

Majestic London in the mist

london train station

Going Home

london rain

Give sorrow words

London at night

London at night

 London, Rain and Love

London, Rain & Love

London Black Taxi in the rain

London Black Taxi in the rain

london snow

Instant Vintage

london red phone booth snow

London Calling – Winter Edit

london book market

There is a harmony in Autumn

london taxi cab

Those simple days

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9 Comments on "Beautiful London – Street Photography by Ronya Galka"

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stephen jalland

inspired and love your work

Marco Scotto

Love London and love your amazing photos! Congrats!!


Beautifully captured images. Love it.

Andy Thelwell

Great selection, more please.


I love all your photos in your collection. I love London and how you can take many photos each with their own seperate meaning. Thankyou for posting these, they are very inspiration and would love to see more!

Poppy Said

Love your photoworks ms. Galka, they’re amazing! Really love to see more, since i never been to london.

Aashika Kansara

Best place to shoot is London!!! Great work!!! Congratulations!!!!

Tina G

Lovely images! Thanks for transporting me to another place for a moment.


your work is pure art and so beautiful, Ronya!! I feel so inspired! studying your work as part of my GCSE:)

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