Bloggers – Portrait Photography by Gabriela Herman

Gabriela Herman is a portrait, lifestyle and fine art photographer who splits her time between New York, Martha’s Vineyard and Brazil. In addition to photographing for prominent magazines such as Martha Stewart and Men’s Health, Gabriela has produced several fascinating fine art projects and collections of portraits. In particular, her series entitled ‘bloggers‘–which is currently exhibiting at The Light Factory in Charlotte, NC–provides an unusual, behind-the-scenes look at people who work online. The darkness of these portraits, lit mainly by computer screens, emphasizes the isolation of blogging, while simultaneously showing how bloggers are linked and share camaraderie through their similar work environments.

To see more of Gabriela’s photography, visit her website.

blogger gabriela herman crushable


blogger gabriela herman the gloss

the gloss

blogger gabriela herman candystand


blogger gabriela herman natural selection

natural selection

blogger gabriela herman random night out

random night out

blogger gabriela herman gawker


blogger gabriela herman tosh.0


blogger gabriela herman a photography blog

a photography blog

blogger gabriela herman letters to romeo

letters to romeo

blogger gabriela herman what's the jackanory

what’s the jackanory

blogger gabriela herman the social

the social

blogger gabriela herman vanity fair daily

vanity fair daily

blogger gabriela herman artmostfierce


blogger gabriela herman funky brown chick

funky brown chick

blogger gabriela herman fimoculous


blogger gabriela herman fork lift

fork lift

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Mary Lorenzo

This are striking and thought-provoking images. I like the how the computer screens illuminate the subjects’ faces. Very interesting work.


simply beautiful 🙂 wow

Matt |

The focus of bloggers ‘in the zone’ really shines through in these. The study of bloggers, as a species reveals that we’re attracted to the light, like the moth.

Alexander John

I like the “letters to romeo” photo the best. This is great!

A lot of meaning!

Lad strayer

Interesting idea. Technacly very good

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