Jennifer Steen Booher Photography: Beachcombing Series

Jennifer Steen Booher’s photography shows off her scientific personality and love of objects. She writes, “I’m part magpie, part squirrel, part scientist, and part historian. I find things, hoard them, take them apart, and research them.” Her still life pictures prove that photography is not only about capturing fleeting moments; it’s about discovering art in the patterns of daily life.

Visit Jennifer’s Flickr Photostream or her Etsy store, Quercus Design, to view the entire ‘Beachcombing Series’ and more of her work.

Beachcombing series No.22 Four Elements

Four Elements

Beachcombing series No.32 driftwood, bone, shell

Eddies Brook

Seaglass Spectrum: Aquamarine to Emerald

Seaglass Spectrum: Aquamarine to Emerald

Beachcombing series No.17, blue mussel shells, driftwood and other flotsam

The Blues

Beachcombing series No.47 feather rope pine cone

Valley Cove

Beachcombing series No.13 - Seaweed, Bar Harbor, Maine


Beachcombing series No.52 pine cones and sticks

Echo Lake

Beachcombing series No.41 shell bone feather

White on White

Blue and White Beach China

Blue & White Beach China

Beachcombing series No.38 seaweed and rocks

Bobs Camp

Beachcombing series No.39 rocks and feathers

Georges Pond

Beachcombing series No.33 - sea glass, mussel shell, seaweed, bones

Bar Island

Beachcombing series No.44 - Coral Pink Granite Beach Stones and Feather

Back Beach

Beachcombing series No.31 seaweed stick rocks

The Shore Path

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Thank you for featuring my work! I’m flattered to be included here.

Natalie Champa Jennings

SO enjoyed this post. Jenn, this piece brought warmth and a smile on a chilly winter day. Completely lovely.

Paul Meeks

🙂 I like your…About Stephanie Kay-Kok
Stephanie reads magazines for the pictures, judges books by their covers, and hangs out in the photography and children’s sections of book stores. She has a master’s in literature, somehow. Also your pictures… 😉 Have a nice life! Paul.

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