The Art of Natural Light – Portraits by Gabriela Mester

I recently stumbled upon the stunning portrait photography of Gabriela Mester, an incredibly talented artist from Romania. She has a unique ability to combine soft, natural light with her talent of evoking profound expressions from her models. Her work is extremely inspirational, and I expect we will be hearing a lot more about her in the near future.

How and when did you start photography?

G: I started photography in 2010’s summer.
I can still remember the day, I was with my best friend and model, Renata.
We were taking pictures in a lovely park.
I used my sister’s Fujifilm (: until I got my personal camera in 2011.
It was a lovely gift from my love.

Gabriela Mester

How do you find inspiration?

G: I find inspiration in songs I listen on my way to everywhere, in movies, people.. in everything.
but sometimes it just comes from nowhere (:

What kind of light do you use?

G: I prefer to use natural light.
Nothing’s better than a picture with natural light!

Gabriela Mester

How long does it take to edit one photograph?

G: It depends. From 5 to 10 min to 1 hour or so.
Sometimes I just “prepare” the pictures for editing, I “clean” them and make everything as I want.
Later, I can start with colors and all kind of details.
Ideas may come in a longer period of time I don’t like to be in a hurry.

Gabriela Mester

Do you allow your pictures to be published as books covers, CD covers, posters, etc?

G: Yes, I do allow. In 2010 I was published for the first time in a French magazine.
Then in 2012 I sold my first pictures for a German company. (I still sell my pictures to them).
E-mail me for questions and details.

Gabriela Mester

You can find more of Gabriela’s outstanding work at her deviantART page, where she has a wide collection of natural light portraits, as well as other subjects. You can also follow her work on Facebook and Twitter.

Gabriela Mester

Gabriela Mester

Gabriela Mester

Gabriela Mester

Gabriela Mester

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Stunning portraiture. Incredibly beautiful. So much talent!


What a beauty captured in all those photos!

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